Your Business

If you are looking to advance your products to the next level of growth leveraging leading edge technology but yet driving efficiencies in development or you are looking to modernize your technology infrastructure utilizing the latest in mobile, web and cloud, we can help you with product development services, IT infrastructure development, Online presence generation or anywhere else technology can be leveraged to advance your business.

Your Ideas

If you are a dreamer with an innovative idea looking for someone to build your idea into reality, Founding Minds is your go to partner. With several successful startups behind us, we have the knowledge and capability to quickly turn around your ideas into prototypes, prototypes into minimum viable products, and nascent products into market leaders. We provide a full complement of product development capabilities working closely with your business leaders. Our experienced leaders are available as mentors, advisors or networking leads should there be the need for that as well.

Your Investments

If you are on the hunt for start-up gems to invest in, we can provide you with analysis and insights into the potential and maturity of the technology offerings you are evaluating. Bringing together an excellent mix of business and technology leaders, Founding Minds is in a unique position to be your partner in making the right startup investments to grow your portfolio.