Case Study

A tech makeover for a legacy trading system

Reimagining a financial trading platform from the ground up is a complex undertaking

Present predicament of the company

The Hub is an ageing process-and-control workflow platform that collects information from existing financial systems.

  • The core processes involved were collection and validation of payment for increased transparency.
  • It had the capability of providing enterprise-ready products and services.
  • A growing customer base was a challenge for this old trading, revenue, and income platform.

How Founding Minds endured multiple obstacles during implementation

Migrating a large customer base from an obsolete income platform was a herculean task.


  • No modern browser support is offered.
  • A large active user base familiar with the currently existing system.
  • Maintaining a decades-old technology is tough for the development team.
  • Recruiting new developers familiar with old technologies.

How Meticulous Analysis and a Dynamic Approach helped us reach an Innovative Solution

Our innovative solution involved a multipronged strike tool at individual weak points in the system to improve ease of use and deploy cutting edge technologies.

Software Tools utilized
  • Agile Methodology
  • .NET Framework
  • Azure DevOps Services
Technologies implemented
  • Brand new UX
  • Phased migration
  • Zero Downtime
  • Third-Party Integration with API capability(for easier and faster integration)
  • Multi-factor authentication
Perks unique to our solution
  • Employing a test group system for analyzing behavioural impact and collecting user feedback for any possible improvements.
  • Redesigned user experience with a phased migration and zero downtime.
  • Our new user experience helps in highlighting significant information which makes for a more user-friendly operation every day.
  • Easy access to results by placing them on a centralized landing page.
  • An innovative one-click option for accessing reports from a centralized landing page that takes user experience up a notch.
  • On the completion of tasks or reports, the revamped Hub 2.0 gives alerts and notifications in real-time.

Results provided a Forever and Lasting Impact for the future

  • New user experience is updated to highlight, centralize, and operationalize information crucial to a user’s day-to-day responsibilities.
  • Third-Party Integration allowed third party client systems to interact with the underlying hub processes; bypassing the need for custom file feeds in some cases.
  • The highly customized application provides constant updates and reminders to users.
  • API(application programming interface) capability allows the possibility of enabling automation which is helpful for taking the current system forward into the future.
Our system provides high standards of security in the long term

OWASP (open web application security policy) rules are enforced enabling a stronger password policy and an option for multi-factor authentication. This provided a robust industry-grade financial platform.

Our provision for long time support

The product was in constant evolution. With an ever-changing business landscape, release scheduling according to the client’s input on certain criteria like business climate and launch strategy is now possible.

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