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The DevOps team at Founding Minds plays a crucial role in ensuring the successful delivery of products incubated with us. Agile development practices prioritize flexibility and rapid iteration, and the DevOps team helps to facilitate this by automating and streamlining the software delivery process.

Version control systems
We facilitate the implementation of SCM tools such as Git, Subversion, and Mercurial.
CI/CD tools
We automate the continuous of building, testing, and deploying code changes using Jenkins, Travis CI, and CircleCI.
Our team helps developers to package applications and their dependencies into lightweight containers that can be easily deployed and scaled using Docker and Kubernetes.
Our devops engineers to monitor the performance and availability of software systems using AppInsights, Nagios, Datadog, and New Relic.
Configuration Management
We automate the provisioning, configuration, and management of infrastructure using Ansible, Puppet, and Chef.
Our devops engineers facilitate the quality and functionality of software systems using Selenium, JMeter, and Cucumber.

Accelerating delivery
with collaboration and automation

Agile and DevOps are for harnessing integration, interaction and innovation in software development.

The DevOps team at Founding Minds plays a critical role in ensuring that our software is delivered to our customers in a reliable, efficient, and secure manner. They are responsible for building and maintaining the infrastructure and processes that enable the continuous delivery of our software.

Their key focus areas are

  • The creation and maintenance of build and deployment pipelines.
  • Optimize the time it takes to build and test our software
  • Perform regular vulnerability assessments and penetration testing (VAPT) to identify and fix any potential security vulnerabilities.
  • Integration of various tools such as SBOM (Software Bill of Materials), VAPT
  • Containerization to help streamline and optimize our workflow.
  • Monitoring and optimisation


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